Pilates is for everyone. Suitable for all ages and abilities we will educate you, build strength, flexibility and lean muscle with the emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine, rather than on bulking and shortening the muscles.  
Pilates has a focus on the core known as your “powerhouse”, the essential intrinsic muscles are your Transverse Abdominis, Pelvic Floor and Multifidus muscles which we learn to train as part of the pilates method. 
Because of this focus, Pilates is popular not only in the field of fitness but also in many rehabilitation programs which can be simple movements that represent daily activities. Because of the particular focus on core strengthening, improving your posture and prevention of back, neck and joint pain, Pilates can be used to progress individuals to a perfect working body. 


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Let our wellness team be a source of knowledge to inspire, coach and support you on your journey towards positive change. At the heart of Samudra our multi-modality Wellness Centre is ready to enhance your wellness journey.

The space offers massage and structural kinesiology with our collection of therapists who are truly unique and passionate.

Immerse yourself in one of our many Yoga classes – wherever you’re dwelling in your yoga journey. Our consciously created spaces serve as a community hub to encourage all who wander in to feel welcomed, comfortable and at ease.

Our qualified instructors overflow with knowledge and passion to offer classes which will aid in a transformative and rejuvenating experience.




A home away from home where we pamper you in a fun filled environment offering healthier beauty options by fully qualified therapists. At Who Did Your Nails we offer an array of beauty services including

  • Bio Sculpture Gel Nails – Rebalance & Extensions
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Makeup – Young Blood
  • Waxing/Tinting
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Spray Tans
  • Bridal, Hens, Corporate & Pamper Parties


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A holistic space dedicated to raising the vibration of wellness in our community.

Yoga, Massage, Good Vibes & Great People!
The Zen Den Collective is home to multiple practitioners offering a variety of classes, workshops, and treatments. Our space is viable because we share. Each individual who uses the space offers a unique avenue to wellness through their chosen work. We ask that in support of our services you pay each instructor/therapist directly for your class/workshop/treatment.


Holidays are all about pampering. Take some you time and pamper your Lifestyle

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